Bluetooth mini karaoke microphone

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This condenser microphone is the very good choice for singing when you can not go to KTV;
You can practice singing, listen to music and record songs without going to KTV. what is more, you can sing and record at anywhere;
It also can share your voice with your friends with it is unique sound quality and you can connect with your phone with Bluetooth;
The new experience for sing song, wireless connectivity, started to sing;
It is a power bank+mini speaker+mic phone,very cool;
Easy to use,you could use the Microphone to sing in any time at anywhere;
Ideal for all vocal applications from singing to speech;
The external battery with charging treasure features, easy to use at any time to charge;
Ideal for music fancier, allows you to sing and record you voice anywhere, such as in car travelling, BBQ, family dinner and outdoor party so on.

wireless karaoke microphone

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Bluetooth mini karaoke microphone


 1. Aluminum magnesium metal appearance;
2. 5.1 stereo sound;
3. Double Aluminum magnesium metal net and resilient heat treatment design, it can effectively filter the air sound, wind

4. Easy to operate, no need the sound card drivers, it’s simple connections;
5. Wireless and connect by bluethooth;
6. Very light, and suitable to use in outdoor activities;
7. You can sing,listen and recording when you want, and share at once.

8. It can be used as a bluetooth speaker, microphone. Also can record your singings at any time
Main function
1.Karaoke effect
Two-channel stereo headphones, a stunning karaoke live-sound, can clearly identify the song rhythm and pitch
2.Echo Reverb
Powerful echo sound, can then adjust the echo length
3. Channel switching
Karaoke to support left and right channels of stereo audio switch, singing lead vocals to the song or accompaniment

4. Mai sound adjustment
Promise microphone volume adjustment, can be adjusted to your satisfaction of the voice effect
5. Charging can be equipped with a microphone DC 5V cable charger to charge
6. Together with demolition
Love with the smart microphone player K8, stereo headphones, USB charger, audio line form, you can use freely by

combination or split (it can be connected to the computer speakers for singing)


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