Micrófono Karaoke

Dispositivo para karaoke.

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  • Bluetooth mini karaoke microphone

    Sale! $ 32.000 $ 30.000 más IVA


    This condenser microphone is the very good choice for singing when you can not go to KTV;
    You can practice singing, listen to music and record songs without going to KTV. what is more, you can sing and record at anywhere;
    It also can share your voice with your friends with it is unique sound quality and you can connect with your phone with Bluetooth;
    The new experience for sing song, wireless connectivity, started to sing;
    It is a power bank+mini speaker+mic phone,very cool;
    Easy to use,you could use the Microphone to sing in any time at anywhere;
    Ideal for all vocal applications from singing to speech;
    The external battery with charging treasure features, easy to use at any time to charge;
    Ideal for music fancier, allows you to sing and record you voice anywhere, such as in car travelling, BBQ, family dinner and outdoor party so on.

    wireless karaoke microphone

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